• Antibacterial agents

    Antibacterial agents KW-48 is designed to prevent odor generation, degradation and discoloration caused by microbial contamination in treated goods.
  • Umbrella

    Anti UV — Umbrella UV-330 increases the UPF value of the fiber, used in clothing, automotive interior and curtain fabric and other fibers to reduce damage and deterioration of fiber caused by sun exposure.
  • Softing — Towel

    Softing — Towel SA-320 can be used in cotton, polyester, acrylic, wool and other fabrics, providing permanent dry, soft and smooth hand-felling and improving the ability of fiber stretching and wrinkle resistance recovery.
  • Sportswear

    Fast drying - Sportswear SR-256 is a water soluble polymer polymer processing agent. It can be used as synthetic fiber for durable water absorption, static electricity prevention, softness and Soil Release processing. It has excellent results.
  • Clothes

    Dyeing—Clothes LV-630 can improve the dyeing effect of dyestuff when it is applied to polyester fiber and superfine fiber. It can inhibit the occurrence of spot and have good migration effect.
  • Tents

    Water repellent - Tents R3 water repellent agent can make natural, synthetic and synthetic fibers have excellent splash proof effect, keep fabric permeability, make the fabrics more comfortable to wear, and perform well. After repeated washing, they can still keep good splashing resistance.
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