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Various experimental analysis and service
Vimin has a professional R&D team with rich experience, and sophisticated analysis equipment, providing textile auxiliaries consulation to customers to help customers solve the problem, and do our best to provide customers with accurate data report.
Experiment we can conduct
Products Experimental content
Hyperchromic agent Spectrometer
Vat cleaning agent Vat pollution
Antistatic agent Electrification voltage of friction
Lamination resin Intensity tester, Viscosimeter
Chelating agent Chelating value of Ca2+,Fe3+
Flame retardants Horizontal burning test, vertical flame test, 45 angle flame test
H2O2 stabilizer Hydrogen peroxide decomposition rate, Whiteness of fabrics(Spectrometer)
Acid levelling agent Step-dyeing, Migration, Decoloration, Foaming characteristics
Fixing agent for acid dyes Washing fastness (AATCC 61 IIA)
Wicking agent Climbing height, Water drop vanishing method
Moisture volatilization rate (constant temperature and constant humidity chamber)
Soaping agent Anti staining effect,Chelating value of iron and calcium,Washing fastness (AATCC 61 IIA)
Dispersant levelling agent Step-dyeing, Migration, Decoloration, Foaming characteristics, Dye-O-Meter
Scouring emulsifying agent The rate of residual fat,Oil removal, COD,Agglutination and permeability when dyeing Acid and alkali resistance,Foaming,Emulsifying dispersity
Water repellent agent Water washing (AATCC-135)
Aeration stability (emulsification stability)
Color fastness to friction (AATCC 8-2007)
Water repellency test(spray method AATCC 22-2005)
Abnormal analysis SEM, GCMS, FT-IR

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