Pretreatment auxiliaries for cotton

In the process of pr-treatment of cotton mainly using scouring agent, alkali resistant penetrating agent, hydrogen peroxide stabilizer and hydrogen peroxide remover. Before dyeing and printing, cotton fabric needs a certain process to remove the impurities and oil from the cloth surface. This processing is usually called scouring, and the function of the scouring agent is penetrating, emulsifying, washing, dispersing and wetting. The penetrating agent of cotton not only needs good permeability, but also needs good alkali resistance. The role of hydrogen peroxide stabilizer is to control the decomposition rate and pH value of hydrogen peroxide in the process of oxygen bleaching or desizing, boiling and bleaching, so as to avoid fiber damage and achieve good bleaching effect. The residue hydrogen peroxide will affect the color and dyeing reproducibility, hydrogen peroxide removal agent decomposite and remove residual H2O2, to ensure the smooth progress of dyeing.
In the process of pr-treatment of cotton, scouring agent exerts the effect of scouring and penetrating. When using hydrogen peroxide bleach cotton fabric, hydrogen peroxide stabilizer and hydrogen peroxide remover can ensure the smooth processing of bleaching and subsequent dyeing.
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  • Scotol C-120

    Scouring Penetrating agent

    1.Good skimming effect, permeability and hard water resistance. Good compatibility with other chemical auxiliaries
    2.Widely used in hank yarn of acrylic, wool, cotton and other fiber when scouring
    3.Used as a Penetrate and soaping agent when

    Use level: 0.5~1g/L

  • Scotol C-200T

    Scouring Emulsion Penetrating agent

    1.Good emulsifying properties for cotton wax, lubricating oil, silicone oil
    2.Excellent permeability, reducing the problem of layer difference
    3.Low foaming and alkali resistance.Without APEO

    Dosage:1~2g/L (Adjust the dosage according to the fiber saturation value and the concentration of dyes)

  • Scotol PA-500

    Scouring Penetrating agent

    1.Good emulsifying and solubility properties for cotton wax and oil
    2.Prevent acrylic acid size from re-attaching
    3.Strong permeability, suitable for continuous scouring and cold bathing
    4.Good stability and good permeability in high conc


  • Stabol ST

    H2O2 stabilizer

    1.Non silicon hydrogen peroxide stabilizer, it will not affect the hand feeling of fabric after processing
    2.Low foaming and easy to operate
    3.Won’t reaction with calcium and magnesium ion, avoiding deposition in the dye vat


  • Stabol ST-N

    H2O2 stabilize

    1.excellent H2O2 bleaching stabilizer
    2.Without silicate
    3.Good stability to alkaline

    Discontinuous bleaching: 0.5 ~ 2 g/L
    Continuous bleaching:4 ~ 10 g/L

  • Hipom EZ-125

    Enzyme type H2O2 remover

    1.Special decomposition enzyme, decomposition and removal of H2O2
    2. Decomposition fast, can be added directly in the dye bath, save time and labor


  • Hipom BK-250

    Enzyme type H2O2 remover

    1. Excellent enzyme type H2O2 remover
    2.Good stability in broad change of pH and water temperature so that can save time and water consumption

    Scouring & bleaching→ washing→ neutralizing→removing H2O2 →dyeing
    Add 0.5 ~ 1 g/L and processing 10 minutes before dyeing

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