Flax like agent

The hemp fiber was obtained from various hemp fibers, including annual or perennial herbaceous dicotyledon cortex bast fibers and monocotyledonous plants leaf fibers. Bast fiber crops are mainly ramie, jute, ramie, flax, hemp, apocynum and kenaf etc.. Only a few soft linen fibers, such as ramie, flax, jute and apocynum, can be used as textile fiber materials. The characteristics of hemp fiber make linen durable, and the cool hand feeling makes it an ideal textile for summer.
Hemp fiber textiles are popular among consumers, but their output is small and can not meet people's needs. The imitation linen assistant can make the polyester fiber have the style and feel of linen and improve the wear ability.
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  • Vimtex CM-121

    Flax like agent

    1.Give a sense of linen fabric
    2.Effectively reduce the friction coefficient of yarns, and can be used with other textile auxiliary agents

    Dosage: 2.0~ 4.0 %o.w.f

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