Flame retardants

Flame retardants, functional auxiliaries give fireproof and combustible for flammable textiles, is mainly designed for polymer materials. At present, the main flame retardants are organic and inorganic flame retardant, halogen flame retardant (organic chloride and organic bromide) and non halogen flame retardant. Organic flame retardant mainly including bromine, nitrogen, phosphorus and nitrogen, phosphorus and its compounds. Inorganic flame retardant mainly including three oxidation two antimony, magnesium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide and silicon flame retardant system etc..
Car, plane, hotel carpets, curtains and wall materials must be flame retardant, flame retardant material does not allow textiles obtain completely resistance to fire, but it still can reduce the fire accident, and win precious time for people in the fire to escape.
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  • Hifire T-886

    Flame retardants for PET

    1.Durable home washing fire resistance of polyester fiber
    2.It can be tested by the United States CFR-1615, 1616 method of fireproof processing

    Dosage: 10~15% (o.w.s) pH 6.5

  • Hifire T-888

    Flame retardants for PET

    1.Free of halogen, formaldehyde and metal antimony
    2.Durable flame retardant for polyester fiber
    3. Good absorption rate when dyeing

    Exhoustion: 10~15% o.w.f
    Padding: 100 ~ 150 g/L

  • Vimtex S-503

    Flame retardants

    1.Temporary type of flame retardant for textile fiber and fabric
    2.Nontoxic, non corrosive and anticorrosive
    3.Excellent water solubility

    Padding: 80~120 g/L
    Drying: 105℃
    Curing: 140℃~150℃

  • Vimtex S-509

    Flame retardants

    1.Temporary flame retardant effect on textiles
    2.Good processing stability and little influence on the color and hand-feeling
    3.Environmentally friendly products, in line with automotive interior requirements

    Dosage: 50 ~ 200 g/L (Adjust as different fabric and equipment) 160~170℃×1-2min

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