Flavor finishing agent

The "microcapsule technology product finishing agent" is a scientific and technological means that microencapsulated particles wrapped with special materials, such as essence, vitamins, cosmetics, moisturizing agents and essential oils , and then dispersed into water and other solvents.
After using microcapsule technology treated with essence, it can be added to the textile or fabric through the finishing method, and the fragrance can be kept for 1~2 years. The technical products are widely used in textile, coating and other industries to maintaining functions a long time.
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  • Vimtex MAC-212

    Aloe finishing agent

    1.Aloe extract is the main ingredient, high safety
    2.Little influence on the feeling of fabric, strength and so on
    3.Good comfort, excellent moisture absorption and moisture retention. With the effect of hygroscopic, fast drying and antistat

    Padding:50 ~ 100 g/L 110-130℃×1-2min
    Exhaustion: 5% ~ 8% o.w.f 60℃×20min

  • Vimtex MAC-XX

    Flavor finishing agent

    1.Several kinds of flavor finishing agent

    Adjust as needed

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