Phenolics resistant agent

High temperature or chemical reaction will cause the synthetic fabric yellowing. For example, the combustion of gas or fuel will bring NOx into the heated air. NOx gas will react with the fiber itself and oil or wax on fabric, causing yellowing.
The yellowing agent caused by high temperature uses a high temperature yellow preventive agent, and the yellowing caused by chemical changes uses a phenolics resistant agent.
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  • Hipom NY-64N

    Phenolics resistant agent

    1.For light color, bright color, or white fabrics, it can prevent yellowing after treatment.
    2.Effectively prevent the yellowing caused by NOx and SOx in the air and the chemical substances contained in packaging materials

    Exhaustion:1 ~ 3 % o.w.f
    60 ~ 70℃, 20min Padding:10 ~ 30g/L

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