Scouring agent for synthetic fibers

Chemical fibers have been washed, miscellaneous and even bleached in the process of manufacturing, so chemical fibers are more white and free from impurities. However, in the process of weaving, the chemical fiber fabric should be slashed and may be contaminated with oil, so it still needs a certain degree of scouring. And usually with chemical fiber and natural fiber blended, it needs to meet the scouring of a variety of fiber conditions.
Synthetic fiber and its blended fabric preconditioning agent is used mainly to remove the slurry and oil in the fiber.
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  • Scotol TS-759

    Scouring Penetrating agent

    1.Good homogeneous emulsification, degreasing, degrading, excellent scouring effect for filament
    2.Alkali and hydrogen peroxide resistant, suitable for short fiber bleaching engineering
    3.The permeability and wettability of all kinds of fibers


  • Scotol TS-188

    Scouring emulsifying agent

    1.Excellent emulsification and solubility of oil and wax at middle and high temperature. Avoiding reattachment when scouring
    2.Good emulsification and solubility of oil and wax
    3.Can be used for enzyme desizing
    4.Excellent penetrate prope

    (adjust usage as fiber material and processing conditions )

  • Scotol TS-757

    Emulsifying Scouring agent

    1.Low foaming ability, excellent emulsification and solubility at high temperature
    2.Can be used with chelating agent in high alkali condition
    3.Suitable for the new synthetic fiber, synthetic fiber and elastic fiber and blended fabric


  • Scotol NT-320

    Scouring agent

    1.Strong emulsifying force, high deoiling ability and low foaming ability
    2.Can effectively remove Silicone oil attached on Spandex and Lycra
    3.Without APEO

    Scouring & desizing:1~2g/L
    Knitting fabric T/OP
    Scouring & dyeing:0.5g/L

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