Anti-mildew agent

Microbes plays an extremely important role in the process of material growth in nature, some of them are beneficial to humans and some are harmful to human beings. Anti-mildew agent can prevent textiles from the fungal infestation, maintain the hygiene of textiles, and prevent mildew spreading. At the same time, anti-mildew agent protect consumers from germs, and protect the textile fabric from being fungal degradation.
Anti-mildew agent can effectively protect fabrics from microbial infestation, keep the fabric clean.
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  • Hipom CW-506

    Anti-mildew agent

    1.Easy to processing, can be used with any other agents
    2.Good effect on all kinds of fiber

    Dosage:0.5 ~ 2 % o.w.f

  • Softex TF-887

    Antibiotic and anti-mildew agent

    1.Quaternary ammonium salt broad-spectrum antibacterial agent
    2.Processing fiber products meet the requirements of SEK for antibacterial processing
    3.The processing cloth can be evaluated by the Halo test method and the unified test method

    Dosage:20 ~ 40 g/L

  • Softex TF-983

    Antibiotic and anti-mildew agent

    1.After processing, the polyester fiber products (such as bed sheets, underwear, socks, carpets, etc.) can be endowed with antiseptic and deodorant properties of the household washing agent.
    2.Excellent antibacterial effect on Staphylococcus aureu

    Padding:10 ~ 40 g/L
    Dyeing:1 ~ 2 % o.w.f

  • Hipom W-1120

    Anti-mildew agent

    1.Good effect on all kinds of fiber
    2.No affect on color and hand-feeling

    Dosage: 1~3%o.w.f

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