Anti pilling agent

Wearing clothes gets constantly friction from outside , when the friction is greater than the friction or cohesion between the fibers, the fiber endings will pulled out and formed many little fluffy rings. Villi on the surface of fabric make cloth lose luster, and when the villi exposed a certain length with repeatedly rubbing friction will tangled into a little ball. The ball on the surface is embedded in the fabric, and easy to accumulate pollution and dust, which seriously affecting the fabric wearing performance and appearance. Generally speaking, when the fabric is wearing, the greater the friction and the more frequent the friction is, the more serious the pilling is. This phenomenon is likely to appear on natural fiber and chemical fiber fabric, and chemical fiber is more obvious and prominent.
The effective anti pilling agent can significantly improve the fabric's anti pilling effect, improving the wear ability of the cloth with elasticity, smooth surface and excellent water absorption.
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  • Vimtex L-328

    Multifunctional finishing agent

    1.Excellent anti - hook wire, crack prevention, anti - pilling and anti - needle blowout
    2.Enhance the resilience of the fabric and enhance the fatigue resistance, friction resistance and extension strength
    3.No affect on water absorb or wa

    Dosage :1~3%

  • Vimtex CM-124

    Anti pilling processing agent

    1.It can significantly improve the anti fuzzing and pilling performance of the fabric with good durability
    2.Preventing yarn slipping witch may influence sewing

    Dosage:20~50g/L (Applicable to Martindale test method)

  • Vimtex CM-127

    Anti pilling processing agent

    1.No affect on color or whiteness of fabric
    2.Free of formaldehyde

    Dosage: 30~80g/L

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