Ultra-Fresh for textile

Ultra-Fresh is a durable antimicrobial technology that provides lasting freshness, stain protection and extended product life by controlling growth of unwanted microbes that cause odors, staining and product degradation.This advanced antimicrobial technology is applied during normal textile finishing processes. No special equipment or extra processing steps are required and Ultra-Fresh can be used in combination with other common auxiliaries such as softeners, moisture management systems or fluorocarbons.Textiles treated with Ultra-Fresh not only offer manufacturers a competitive edge and an economical means of adding extra value, but they also offer consumers confidence in knowing that their Ultra-Fresh treated products will remain fresher and cleaner for longer.

        1.Ultra-Fresh KW-48
     Ultra-Fresh KW-48 is an aqueous dispersion formulated as a broad spectrum, highly effective, antimicrobial treatment for textiles, plastics, polyurethane products and in the dry film preservation of paints, coatings, caulks, sealants and grout.

Based on the molecule zinc pyrithione, Ultra-Fresh KW-48 is designed to prevent odor generation, degradation and discoloration caused by microbial contamination in treated goods.

Even after multiple cleanings, Ultra-Fresh KW-48 continues to protect treated goods from microbial spoilage offering durable, built-in protection

        2.Silpure FBR-5
     Silpure uses the power of silver to bring long-lasting antimicrobial properties to your textiles. Silpure has been strongly received by manufacturers in diverse areas such as sportswear, intimate apparel, home textiles and healthcare. End users in these areas value Silpure’s enduring ability to reduce odors and keep fabrics fresh.

Silpure contains ultra-fine silver crystals that release silver ions at a controlled rate, only when the conditions for bacterial growth exist. It avoids the fabric discoloration that can occur with other silver antimicrobial products through the careful control of the size and shape of the particles during production. Silpure’s performance is delivered by a proprietary carrier system specifically formulated to ensure durability on natural and synthetic textiles.

Fabrics treated with Silpure promise lasting cleanliness and freshness protection for the user in between washes. As high performance, comfort and confidence are key requirements for consumers, the addition of Silpure at the point of manufacture is a very important value-added feature

        3.Ultra-Fresh GH-20
        Ultra-Fresh GH-20 is an aqueous based wash durable treatment for cotton, cotton blends and viscose fibers to control the population of bacteria on the fiber, and reduce the effects of bacterial action such as odor generation and degradation or discoloration of the fiber.

Ultra-Fresh GH-20 is based on the molecule polyhexamethylene biguanide or PHMB. The PHMB molecule contains positively charged groups which are strongly attracted to the negative charges on cellulosic fibres. This strong attraction is what gives Ultra-Fresh GH-20 good wash durability.

Garments treated with Ultra-Fresh GH-20 help to decrease our environmental footprint. Ultra-Fresh GH-20 cuts down on the number of launderings required by keeping clothes cleaner and fresher for longer. This promotes energy and water conservation, reduces the use of detergent and extends the life of the garment

        4.Ultra-Fresh NM-V2
     Ultra-Fresh NM-V2, based on the molecule tricolsan, is an aqueous solution formulated to confer highly effective and durable bacteriostatic properties to feather and down, cotton, wool and synthetic textiles by inhibiting the growth of odor-causing microbes.

Ultra-Fresh NM-V2 delivers lasting freshness and cleanliness to apparel, bedding and many other residential, commerical and institutional textiles. It can be applied by pad or exhaust either alone or together with other auxillaries. Additionally, Ultra-Fresh NM-V2 provides a durable treatment on washable fabrics when subjected to typical home laundering.

With less frequent washing required, items treated with Ultra-Fresh NM-V2 promote energy and water conservation, reduce detergent consumption and have extended product life

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