Cool feeling processing agent

When the temperature reaches the melting or crystallization point of the phase change material, phase change material began to absorb or release heat, the heat flow between the dressing body and the external environment can be reduced or interrupted, so as to establish a relative dynamic heat balance between the body and the external environment and plays a positive role in temperature regulation.
The finishing agent made of cool factor or phase change material is used in the processing of textile fabrics, adjusting the temperature, and giving people a cool comfort.
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  • Vimtex CL-100

    Cool feeling processing agent

    1.Easy to processing, padding can get good cooling effect
    2.No irritation to skin

    Dosage:30 ~ 50 g/L (The effect will be weakened to a certain extent under high temperature )

  • Vimtex CL-200

    Cool feeling processing agent

    1.To achieve temperature control by absorbing or releasing heat through the change of phase of the material
    2.Easy to processing, suitable to dip rolling and coating
    3.No irritating to the skin and meets the requirements of environmental pro

    Dosage: 30 ~ 50 g/L

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