Cleaning soaping agent

The soaping agent can effectively wash out the floating color on the surface of fabrics after dyeing. The dyestuff, auxiliaries and impurity in fibers may remain in the dyeing vat, which will affect dyeing property if not clean in time.
In order to keep the vat clean, clean the vat with the cleaning agent regularly, or add the cleaning agent in the dyeing to prevent the impurity from precipitation.
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  • Scotol CB-40

    Vat cleaning agent

    1.Removing agglomerates of dyes
    2. Removing Oligomer

    Clean vat: 3~5g/L Used with sodium hydrosulfite 4g/L and NaOH(45%) 4g/L

  • Scotol E-65

    vat cleaning agent

    1.Reductive cleaner for disperse dyes
    2.Prevent dyes re-staining on white ground

    Dosage: Reductive cleaning:0.5~2g/L Clean vat: 1~2g/L Soaping for printing:0.5~2g/L

  • Scotol CB-41

    vat cleaning agent

    1.Excellent detergency, dispersing and low-foaming effect
    2.Removing agglomerates of dyes and oligomer
    3.Improving fastness when used at reductive cleaning processing

    Clean vat: CB-41 2 ~ 4 g/L NaOH (45%) 4 ~ 8 g/L sodium hydrosulfite 3 ~ 8 g/L 130℃ ,40 ~ 60min

  • Scotol C-2059

    Soaping agent

    1.Excellent detergency and low-foaming effect and no affect on color
    2.Washing out the dyestuff attached on surface of fiber
    3.Prevent dyes re-staining on white ground
    4.Suitable for a variety of dyestuffs


  • Scotol C-59

    Soaping agent

    1.Excellent detergency, dispersing and low-foaming effect
    2.Prevent dyes from re-attaching to fabric
    3. Suitable to soaping all kinds of fibers

    Cone yarn soaping
    Reactive dyes:1~2g/L
    Soaping wool fabric: 1g/L

  • Scotol C-90P

    Soaping agent

    1.Effectively removing dyes on fiber surface to improve fastness
    2.Completely biodegradability, effectively reducing COD and BOD
    3.Free of NP, APEO, heavy metals and formaldehyde
    5.Suitable for a variety of d


  • Scotol RC-500

    Soaping agent

    1.强力的染料可溶化力、分散力、再附着防止力,为极佳的还原洗净剂、皂洗剂、浮色清除剂等多项功能 1.Excellent dis-solubility, prevention of re-staining. Good reductive cleaning agent and soaping agent
    2.Good soaping effect for disperse dyes and reactive dyes
    3.Widely used in blended fabri


  • Scotol NJ-40

    Soaping agent for fixing

    1.Excellent dispersing and cleaning properties, prevent color spots in the process of acid dyes fixing
    2.Effectively clean dyeing equipment
    3.No affect on color and fastness
    4.Free of APEO

    Dosage:0.5~1g/L (Diluted before adding a bath)

  • Scotol E-65

    Stains prevention soaping agent

    1.Reductive cleaner for disperse dyes
    2.Prevent dyes re-staining on white ground

    Reductive clean: 0.5~1g/L
    Soaping for printing:1~2g/L

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