Fuzzing agent

Fuzzing agent is used when cotton, rayon, polyester, nylon and other synthetic fabrics sanding and napping soft finishing. The processed fabric has good soft, plump and thickening hand feeling .
According to the water absorbability of the processed fabric, there are two kinds fuzzing agents, oiliness and hydrophilic pilling agent.
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  • Softin HS-80A

    Hydrophilic pilling agent

    1.Good hydrophilicity, good fuzzing effect, low-foaming, antistatic, and low-yellowing
    2.The composite fabric is not easy to crack, and it is good for waterproof agent processing
    3.Suitable for synthetic fiber, natural fiber and polyester fi

    Exhaustion:1 ~ 3 % o.w.f 45℃,15 ~ 20min
    Padding: 30~ 50 g/L pH:5~6

  • Softin CA-400

    Fuzzing agent

    1.For fuzzing and Polar fleece  fabric
    2.Suitable to T/C fabric with both side brush

    Using in bath after dyeing: 2 ~ 4 % o.w.f
    Using in heat-setting: 20 ~ 30 g/L

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