Color repairing agent for printing

Thedisperse dyes direct printing of polyester processing printing, drying, fixing and washing. Disperse dye transfer printing is simpler and easier to produce. Transfer all kinds of patterned transfer printing paper and put together with fabric, we can get beautiful and colorful printing products by hot pressing, without washing.
When there are defects in disperse dyestuff printing, auxiliaries and dyes can be used to modify the color to uniformblackcolor, and no color prints remains after modification, so as to reduce the loss caused by printing defects.
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  • PC-280

    Color repairing agent for printing

    1.Excellent dispersive uniformity can avoid the points produced by the high temperature agglutination of disperse dyes
    2.Excellent transmigration effect and low affect on color

    Dosage: 1~2g/L Processing: 135℃×50min

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