Formaldehyde catcher

Direct contact with formaldehyde can cause allergic dermatitis, stains and necrosis. Inhalation of high concentration of formaldehyde can induce bronchial asthma. Formaldehyde stimulates skin and mucous membrane. Formaldehyde can combine with protein and inhaled at high concentration can cause severe irritation and edema, eye irritation and headache. High concentration of formaldehyde is also a gen toxic substance. The animals experimental shows that inhalation formaldehyde in the condition of high concentration in the laboratory can cause nasopharyngeal tumor.
Dyeing and finishing process of cotton fabric, such as shrink proof finishing, will use formaldehyde substances, and there will be a small amount of residual after washing. Formaldehyde capture agent is a kind of reagent can eliminate residual formaldehyde.
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  • Vimtex CF201

    Textile formaldehyde catcher

    1.Quick capture, capture rate up to 98%
    2.Without any toxic or harmful substances. No effect on human body

    Dilution with ambient temperature water and dipping 1~30minl, natural drying or low temperature (80℃) drying after rolling

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