Dyeing auxiliaries for wool

Wool fiber is made up of scale, cortex and medullary layer. The scale layer is in the outermost layer of fiber, which has great resistance for dyes diffusion. Therefore, wool fiber usually dyed under boiling condition. Wool dyeing usually dyed with acid dyes.
Wool protective agent can protect the scale layer of wool from damaged when dyeing. Leveling agent can help dyes dispersing in the dye bath, and prevent color defect.
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  • Albenol WT-P

    Wool protective agent

    1.Prevent wool from damaging when dyeing in 105~120℃
    2.No affect on sunlight fastness

    Polyester/Wool dyeing: 2~3g/L

  • Albenol WET

    Acid levelling agent

    1. Excellent levelling effect
    2.Effective to Lanaset dyes and other pre-metallized acid dyes
    3.Preventing precipitation effect

    Wool、Nylon、1:2 pre-metallized acid dyes
    Dyeing:1 ~ 1.5 o.w.f
    Color repairing:2 ~ 3% o.w.f

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